Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency in Industries
For all industries

Energy efficiency is a key element for CO2 emissions reduction. Although there is an obligation to perform energy audits in companies from a certain size, a large part of these companies has only done it as an obligation, without ambition to be more efficient.

Energy audits are a strategic tool available to the companies to reduce their energy costs, CO2 emissions and improve its image at the same time. The incorporation of some renewable energy for certain applications also affects these three vectors (emissions reduction – image – energy cost) and it´s a must in the medium term for all companies.

Do not wait until you are forced to perform an energy audit. The potential savings that we will detect seldom is below 20% and can reach values higher than 50%. What is not measured cannot be controlled. What is not controlled is inefficient.

We also carry out improvement project and its investment associated by you using the Energy Services Company scheme (ESCO) and therefore you can focus your attention and resources in your products and services.

Energy Efficiency in housing

Energy efficiency in dwellings is a pending issue in the current housing stock. Although the current regulations (Spanish CTE) has increased its requirements, most developers and builders are limiting to strictly fulfil minimum requirements as indicated in the code without aspire to go beyond. European legislation requires us to build houses with almost zero consumption from the year 2020.

Building houses that does not reach a high energy ranking will reduce the sale prices when selling as second hand and to pay higher taxes, as thi is clearly the trend. Spain is far from the values of eco-taxes set by Brussels.

Energy Efficiency in Tertiary sector

Tertiary sector has a wide range for improvement Through building refurbishment to reduce the energy demanded also for using efficient renewable energy systems, as geothermal energy.

Energy Efficiency in agriculture, livestock and fisheries

Primary sectors can also take profit of the Energy Efficiency. Upgrading for more efficient equipments and the use of renewable systems as geothermal Energy  in greenhouses, fish farms and farms are actions that improve the economical results and reduce the emissions produced in all these sectors.