Energy Services Company
Real Estate developments

One of our main products is financing investments through Energy Services Company model (ESCO). We make the  investment of equipments and systems that improve the energy efficiency and/or provide renewable energy your home.for new developments or refurbishments. This way you will take care of all advantages of these systems without affording the initial investment.

Thermal Energy supply

We make the investment and take care of engineering and construction as well as the start up. We also take care of the maintenance of the whole installation, so you only have to enjoy of the service and to pay a monthly feeler that the one you would pay with less efficient installation or non-renewable energy supply.

Geothermal Energy systems

We carry out the investment and maintenance of the entire system and you receive at home the energy needed for:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Hot water (DHW)

Forget about boilers, air conditioning, water heaters. You only need a counter for each of the 3 services (heating, cooling and DHW) in your home.

Forget about the equipment installed on the roof of your homes that produce a visual impact. All necessary equipment is in a technical room, requiring no special conditions. Remove the dangers of the natural gas in your home.

Install geothermal energy and reduce emissions in your home in a radical way. It does not produce any local emmision (without chimney) and the emission (at origin) produced by the consumption of electricity is 77% lower than that produced by a natural gas boiler.


Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy to meet the demands of the heating system and electricity is essential for all industry sectors:

  • Comply with the allowed maximum values of CO2 emissions
  • Increase the efficiency of the processes
  • Reducing production costs
  • Improving the image of the company

Carry out an energy audit, even though it is still only mandatory for large companies, is the cornerstone to discover possible improvements that will reduce the energy consumption of your company.

Using this ESCO model, we will make the necessary investment in the improvement projects proposed in the audit and you will pay for it in a certain number of years (depending on the savings produced by the improvement). You will be saving from day one without investing.

Do not hesitate and request a proposal to perform an audit today. The cost will be assumed by us in global investment if you hire our services for the realization of the agreed improvement projects.