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Turn key projects for heating, cooling and hot water production through Geothermal Energy. Possibility of financing the installation through the Energy Services Company model (ESCO).

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Turn key Projects for PV connected and isolated installations


Energy audits and improvement projects. Possibility of financing of the improvement projects through the Energy Services Company model (ESCO).

Learn all the possibilities for your new home or refurbishment to integrate Energy Efficiency measures and Renewable Energies.
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Learn how to integrate Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies to get more attractive houses with great advantages and shorter sales time.
Energy Efficiency and renewable energies can improve the competitiveness of your company and its strategic positioning while reducing your costs!
Advantages of the Geothermal Energy
CO2 emmission reduction

Green House Gases emission reduction, could reach zero GHG emmisions in case of electricity mix with zero emissions.

Reducing Energy cost

Cost of Geothermal produced Thermal Energy is lower than with any other energy (fuel, natural gas, biomass,...)

Lower maintenance cost

Maintenance cost is lower than any other conventional system.

Renewable Energy with full availability

It´s the only Renewable Energy with an availability 365/24 and can be used in any place.

No need for a redundant system

As it has full availability, it eliminates the need for any other redundant system, as it is in the case of Solar Energy. Natural gas or any other fuel is not longer needed.

One only system for heating, cooling and hot water production

Provides heating, cooling and hot water with only one installation

More healthy environment

More healthier environment if used with radiant/cooling floor, which diminishes the air flow and improves the Relative Humidity of the air of houses and buildings.

You cannot see it nor hear it

No any outdoor equipment (solar energy affects to the external aesthetics) and noise level is low and indoor.

What is the Geothermal Energy?

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