We want to contribute with our grain of salt to flavour our beloved planet. We will promote the use of renewable and clean energies. Geothermal energy is one of them and although it is still little known, is going to help us change our homes and cities.

Geothermal energy has not only come to stay, but to revolutionize our current concept of energy and housing. Soon, a housing that do not use the energy that gives us free our planet will not be designed. Thanks to her and to the electric vehicle, we can begin to say goodbye to our current heating systems, chimneys in our homes, to the berets of pollution in our cities, to the dangers of diesel and natural gas in our life…

We are going to help people who want to invest, besides to get economic profitability, to improve their health and that of others, to improve their housing conditions, to improve their cities, to improve their countries, to improve our planet….

Geothermal energy produces heat and cool at a cheaper price than any other conventional system. The only renewable energy which is available is 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and in practically any place of our geography and which produces no local emissions. This means that you don’t need any conventional support system, as it is the case with other renewable energies (solar, wind…). In addition, with a single system, all air conditioning (heating and cooling) housing demand as well as the entire demand of hot water is generated.

Geothermal energy reduces drastically the emissions of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere from any other system. It uses only electricity as additional energy, emissions may become null and void in the case of used electrical energy produced exclusively with renewable sources

All this is possible today and it is within the reach of everyone. Don’t miss a single minute without knowing more about this energy. Do not buy a new home that does not use this system. In our hand is changing our world. Our politicians are too slow and if we wait for them we will never achieve the world we want.

Our main focus is on energy efficiency. Reduce the demand for energy in our homes, industries, and other buildings is the first step to reduce our costs, CO2 emissions and improve our competitiveness. The first step must always be the design of a building or a process with greater energy efficiency that can be cost-effectively.

The second step is to attend the energy demand (heat, cold, electricity) through production systems based on renewable energy.


Help our customers to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of their projects and facilities through the integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. In this way we collaborate for Spain and for the countries in which we work to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases and increase its energy independence.


Sustainable hosing with zero emissions, a sustainable economy, with no fossil fuels and getting cities free of polluted gases.

  • Orientación al cliente: Todos los clientes son distintos y necesitan una solución adaptada a sus particularidades.
  • Profesionalidad: Conocer todas las alternativas existentes y seleccionar la mejor solución técnica y económica para nuestros clientes.
  • Sostenibilidad: nuestras soluciones buscan siempre la sostenibilidad medioambiental y económica.
  • Esfuerzo: Estudiar a fondo los retos a los que nos enfrentamos.
  • Innovación: Buscar nuevas soluciones para los problemas cotidianos.
  • Trabajo en equipo: Formar equipo con el cliente, los suministradores y todas las partes involucradas en el proyecto para dar una solución que tenga en cuenta todos los factores.
  • Curiosidad: Queremos entender y aprender. No nos conformamos con los estereotipos.